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Looking forward

Holding on tight it everything I have

Looking at what I have done

I see many things good and bad who have

Made me

You seem to be In many of my memories

I remember

You always having open arms

I fall to my lowest time

You pick me up and carry me

Love you share

Hope you give

Laughter you make

You are my other half

Forever and always .


Paths crossed

Looks pass

Whispers shared

Hands held

Smiles carried

Laughter brightens

Pray carries

Hope gives

Love taken

Paths crossed

Remember when it was easier then….

No matter the path

You take

I will be always waiting

For you to find your way

Back to


That moment

That moment

sun shines

clouds blow away

12:32 pm

I walk

smiles are passed between us

Laughing with others

not with each other


I look

at the moon shining

bright as the sun on my window seal

I see this moment night and day

I am forced to remember what it felt like

to have your heart in my hand then

I felt it melt under this pressure between




came like a rough rain on

a Sunday morning

I look at her

strength, power ,courage

beauty, love


Or more ?


She stands

the cancer

Is gone and defeated

She stood by him

though the long

days and nights


watching over him



She stands

She stands by me

wrong or right

She stands up for

her family

She is broken

but not discouraged

She goes though


daily but

She still stands

She looks

sees the potential

in people She meets

She loves with

her whole heart

She understands

what most

don’t or won’t

She is what I want to be

She stands

She stands for a three letter word

almost as easy to say


The moments pass


Too early

My mind is up my body is still asleep

Time passes as the second hand ticks

Tossing and turning  tense with fear

6:30 am

Feet hit the stone cold floor

Cold breeze hits my warm skin

Sending chills down my spine

What to wear?

7:45 am

Darkened sky coming to pass

Warm clothes

Stars stating to fade as I gaze upon their wonder

Wishing time would pass

8:00 am

Bright eyes

Suspense filled bodies

Breath as cold as Ice

8:20 am

Loading the bright yellow bus

Students and friends

Eager to travel

8:35 am

Bus coming to a slow

Heart pounding like to huffs of wild mustangs

I grab my bag

Breathing deep I step


I’m here

All worries disappear

And the moments pass

Standing alone

A single  tree



in the forest of Million

surrounded by all of the same tree

It stands out





untouched by the difference of itself

A single tree standing


in the forest of millions

Different and unique

I stand Under this tree

standing alone in the sea of people.

What is left?



Nothing?when did it begin?

of end?

How did you find me

in the sea of people?

waves crashing


the rocky edge



Do you

think about


i sit looking at

what is left?

Where I came from

I came form a broken home

fixed by someone new

in loving care

I’ve grown

Grown into you and me

I fell and got back up again

I never knew me

Until you helped Me

Grow into who I am

I am me

I worked to get to where I am

I grew into me

I am Kimberlee Dawn

This is me

I came form a broken home

Today this home is a loving home

This is where i came from.

Home isn’t home

The rain hitting down on the foggy windows of the mustang. The blood red convertible mustang was coming to a slow as they pulled up to their new house. The house was an old Victorian style home from the 1800’s with twelve rooms. The property belong to Tori’s uncle who was her last living relative until he passed from the cancer in his lungs. The house was old and gave the feeling of death when they pulled up to it.

“What the hell is this place?” Tori’s daughter Nicole said in a melodramatic tone.
“Nicky, watch your mouth, this is our new house try not to sounds so dramatic,” Tori said while getting out of the car running up to the front door.

“What! You never say that to me ever!! You suck!” Nicole said though the open car window at her mother but she was already in the house. Nicole was not happy about the rain; she hated it. Tori walked into the house which opened up into a huge open area where double European stairs leading up to the second story where the rooms were.

Nicole sat in the car sulking in her own drama. She decided her mom wasn’t coming back out to get her so she pulled out her iPod and blasted some rap her mother wouldn’t have listened to but she didn’t care. Nicole ran into the house cursing under her breath about this damn weather and rain. When she opened the door she looked at this huge staircase.

“Holy crap ! We own this huge ass place? Damn nice place inside, but looks like shiz from the outside. I get the biggest room,” she yelled at her mother who was not in view.

“No you don’t and what did I tell you watch your mouth nick? You know I don’t like you cursing.” Tori was upstairs exploring this huge house she just inherited. ” Wow this place is huge,” taking in a deep breath she said, ” I wish Micheal could have seen this with us for the first time.” Her husband was on a business trip in New York until the following night he was due back. Tori was trying to not worry about having to stay the first night alone with out her love. Micheal and Tori have been together sense they were freshmen in high school they were high school sweethearts. Nicole was the real reason that they got married so young. Their senior year Tori found out she was pregnant with only three months left she graduated and they got married the summer of their senior year.

Nicole shouted at her mom, ” Mom I found the room I want. Come check it out! Looook at this bed! OH MY GOSH it’s huge I can’t wait to get into it!”

Tori shouted back at Nicole in a uninterested tone,” Hold on god Nicole you are going to be the death of me.” She walked down to where Nicole was jumping on the bed. Nicole is seventeen years old and the totally dramatized teen. She despise the fact that they moved away from her childhood home in the city to the creepy isolated house in the country. Tori was heading back out to the car to get the the few things they had packed. The moving truck wasn’t due till tomorrow morning which seemed like forever to the both of them.

“Nicole, please come help me with the stuff still in the car before the sun goes down. I can’t start dinner until it all brought inside that means you need to come help me if you want to eat tonight. Now, Nicole, not in ten minutes when you think its a good time for you.”

Tori was walking when she heard Nicole yell down at her with venom in her tone, “Fine, give me a freaking minute, mom, gosh just got into my new room in this dumb, creepy old house and now you want me to freaking help unpack the crap from the car. FINE!” Nicole had been having a hard time with the fact that she moved away from all she ever knew and was being told she had to like it. The night seemed to pass by slowly. Nicole set up her few things she got into the car with her, While Tori cooked dinner. She was making tacos which were Nicole’s favorite thing.

Nicole began to say something but just as it happened her father walked though the kitchen door. He was holding up his finger to his lips silently tell her to be quite as he sunk up on to Tori.

“Oh my gosh, what the hell, Micheal, you know I get scared easily. You totally suck.” Tori said while trying to catch her breath.

“I wanted to surprise you. I got home a day early the meeting went well,” Micheal was sneaking a bit of the taco meat which was hot. He dropped some before he could get it to his mouth.

“Get a room you two! Child here. Remember?” Nicole said as she was stuck watch them kiss this was not just a peck but a romantic passionate kiss. Micheal had been gone for nearly two weeks on his trip to New York, Tori missed him so much she wanted to be there in his arms and never have to move again.
“Oh Shut it Nicky you know that’s how you can to be here.”

“Groooossss! DAD, come on like I need that imagery in my mind, nope I think I’m good. Thanks anyways.” She said while making her tacos. There was a sudden knock on the front door.
“I’ll get it.” Nicole said as she half ran to the front door trying to escape the moment with her parents. “HELP!!” Nicole shouted it was the last noise they heard from her.

Micheal was the first one out of the kitchen into the open area he saw her body laying there not moving he rushed over to hear if she was breathing. “Tori! Call 911 now!! Something is really wrong!” Tori rushed back to the kitchen to get her phone by the time she grab it her hands were trembling.

“Help! Yes, I need ambulance please something is wrong with my daughter Nicole.” The muffled voice was asking if she knew what was wrong. “No, I don’t know what’s wrong.”Tori’s voice cracked at the last word.

Tori heard Micheal Say, “Tori there’s blood! Lots of blood! Hurry she isn’t going to make it!” Micheal was left sitting in their open entry hold his daughters lifeless body covered in blood.

Nick can you hear me? God please say something!!” Tori shrieked as she was grabbing at her daughters blood stained shirt. Tori was still holding onto Nicole’s shirt when the ambulance arrived. Nicole was pronounced dead at the scene. Nicole had died from being stabbed in the chest right at her heart. She had no way of living her stab wound was to open to be stopped.

“Hello can’t you see me mom I’m right here what are you doing look at me I don’t understand why you are ignoring me. Hello I’m right Here!” Nicole said as she was trying to touch her mothers shoulder. Nicole’s hand passed right though it. “What the hell is going on? Mom stop it look at me can’t you see me? I mean there is no way I’m dead? I was just here not more then ten minutes ago what the heck?” Nicole was beginning to see the bright light she had always heard about. She stepped though to never be heard from again.

Time has passed and Nicole was dead they never found who killed her. The cops think it was someone who followed Nicole’s father home. There is no way to tell for sure is what they told her parents Nicole was being forced to watch and never be heard by them again. “Tori it’s been two years you can’t keep this up every time you see or hear something that reminds you of her. She is in a better place.” Micheal said as he was washing up the dishes from there meal.

“You just don’t get it do you?MICHEAL! She was my only child and she was my baby you don’t care about me or how this makes me feel do you? I feel as if you just forgot about her all together!” Tori shouted at Micheal with venom in her words. She picked up the nearest thing and threw it at his head. It happened to be a glass bowl she had made salad in. It shattered into a million tiny sparkly pieces. Micheal moved just before it was about to hit his head

“What the hell are you thinking Tori? Are you out of your mind what if that would have hit me? Your crazy that’s it I can’t take it anymore! You need to get some kind of help or else your going to not only have loss your daughter but you will lose me too!” Micheal said as his breathing started to normalize.

Tori was on her knees crying and trembling.

Tori’s voice was at a whisper“Micheal I can’t Take the pain. I miss her so much I don’t understand how you can be so calm about it?”

“Tori I’m only calm to be strong for you. I miss her just as much but I have to be strong for you I can’t just breakdown when ever I feel the need to.”Micheal’s eyes were filling with tears that were starting to over run onto his cheek. They both sat holding on to each other looking at the picture of they dead daughter. Forced with the fact that she was gone forever nothing was going to change it. “ I love you Tori.” Micheal said in a whisper at the base of her ear.

“I love you too Micheal. I’m sorry I will get help with the flash backs and breakdowns I swear just please don’t ever say you are going to leave me. Okay?” Tori whispered back to Micheal.

Micheal said as he looked into her pale blue tear soaked eyes.“I swear I will never leave you Tori.”

In this moment

We were gradually drawing close

To the ditch

From which an

Infernal heat

Was rising

Still twenty steps to go

If I wanted

To bring about my own


This was

The moment.